Personal Coaching


Coaching remains as one the most effective ways to increase performance to achieve the goals and outcomes in your life. Using deep understanding of NLP, all our coaching sessions seek to resolve root causes of problems.

1 ON 1 with NlpCoach

5 Types of Personal Coaching Program



Business Coaching
For business owners/ entrepreneurs who wants to develop their niche and take their businesses to a higher level.
Performance Coaching
For anyone that desires to increase their performance or achieve peak performance in their field.
Breakthrough Coaching
For anyone that wants to overcome specific obstacles in their career or life.
Sales Coaching
For salesperson or sales teams that wants to quantum leap their sales results.
Relationship Coaching
For couples who wants to find the value and nurture lasting deep love relationship.

Limiting Beliefs

"I don’t believe I can do it”
“I can never be happy"


“I can’t get the life I want”
“I won’t be able to achieve my goals”

Unresourceful Habits

• Procrastination
• Unorganised

Unwanted Negative Emotions

• Anger
• Sadness
• Fear
• Hurt
• Guilt

Limiting Decision

“I am not good enough”
“I don’t know what to do”

Now that is the kind of change that everyone deserves!

Imagine being able to identify and quickly overcome obstacles that are stopping you from having the life you always wanted.

  • Eliminate and Replace personal blocks with powerful strategies to change your life
  • Change Your Financial capabilities for a more secure future
  • Creating the most respectful, loving and nurturing relationship
  • Improve family relationships
  • Discover and achieve what you want in life